Saturday, March 17, 2012

How I Organized My Kitchen Junk Drawer

We do mostly everything in the kitchen: study, read, hang out, pay bills, and of course, eat! Being in there so much, things tend to pile up.  I only have one drawer that I can designate to being our "junk drawer". Oh, the joys of living in a 2/1! :)

Anyways, I finally got fed up with all the junk in there (I had a hard time opening it) so I decided it was time to do some tossing and organizing!

I got these organizers at Office Max and they were pretty cheap. I really wanted all white but as long as they all match, I guess it'll do.

I got three different sizes to be able to fit everything I need in a basket.

This is my drawer before. Horrible, I know. I'm pretty really embarassed.

I took all this junk out, piece by piece, and tossed ANYTHING I didn't need. I'm becoming a minimunlist and I hate stuff just laying around that serves no purpose!

A few things in there didn't belong in the kitchen so off to the office they went!

I already have liners in all my drawers, so I just vaccumed the liner and put my baskets in.

I put the binder in first (it holds all our bills and important documents) and made the baskets fit around it.

In the lower baskets, one holds my calculator, post its, and my little pocket calendar. The other one holds extra envelopes, stamps, checkbooks, and return address labels. The middle basket is for pens, pencils, markers, highlights, etc. In the higher baskets, one is for keys and the other is for batteries!

After all that, I still had the perfect little spot for my label maker!

I felt so much better after I tossed anything I didn't need! I think it looks so much better and hopefully it'll stay this way for a while!

Do you have that one kitchen drawer that's always a mess?! What do you do to keep everything in its place?

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