Monday, April 23, 2012

1 Cent Washer Fluid!


How was your weekend? I did my first Earth day booth Sunday! I'll have to show you some pictures later!!

I just wanted to share with you how to make your own washer fluid for CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!

All I use is water and my favorite cleaner- Basic H!

My windshield washer reservoir holds about a gallon of water.

All I did was put about 16 drops of Basic H in my gallon of water!
For windows and mirrors, all you need 1-2 drops per 16 oz
Since there's 128 oz in a gallon... 128/16=8*2=16 drops!

It cost less than 1 cent to make a GALLON of window/mirror cleaner!
You really can't beat that!

Then I just poured it in my washer fluid reservoir!

That's it! Easy as can be and I made it with products I already had!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Don't forget! Free membership with ANY purchase in April! Time is running out FAST! :)

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