Monday, February 27, 2012

Is your microwave affecting your health?

..the answer is yes!

Like I've mentioned before, I am taking steps to living a healthier, simplier life! I'll admit, at first I was completely overwhelmed with all the "health" info. There's soo much out there and trying to tackle them all at once is impossible!

So, my plan is to take it one step at a time! Once I kick one bad habit to the curb...I'll tackle another!

The first thing that is going is...the microwave!

Well, it's actually gone and Leroy's not too happy about it!

Since being married, I've been cooking on a more regular basis. Doing this, I've noticed SO many things we buy have a "microwave option" (and a few that only had a microwave option..what's up with that?). Why is everything about convenience these days?! Let's just slow down and enjoy whatever we're doing instead of rushing!

Anyways, I found out a few things that might change the way you look at your microwave and I though you guys would enjoy it!

Ever wonder exactly how that thing heats up food so quickly?

Microwaves heat food by causing water molecules in it to resonate at very high frequencies and eventually turn to steam which heats your food. While this can rapidly heat your food, what most people fail to realize is that it also causes a change in your food's chemical structure

Oh, that's not good!

1. Microwaving food can also eliminate some of the nutrients in the foods you're preparing. That super healthy dinner you've worked so hard on isn't so healthy anymore!

2. Carcinogenic toxins can leach out of your plastic and paper containers/covers, and into your food. I'm in the process of swithcing all of our plastic food storage containers to Pyrex.

3. Raidation leaks. Even though the newer model microwaves don't leak radiation as much as older models, there is still a small amount of leakage.

At our house, we tossed the microwave and are now using a toaster oven to reheat any foods we eat. So far, I love it! I don't have to turn on the oven but I can stay away from the harms of microwave!

Have you ever realized the cons of microwave use? Do you still use your microwave?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Good points!! We barely use ours anymore! :)
    I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog!


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